HG1303 / EDGR#07

HG1303OTGC-150x150 in HG1303 / EDGR#07

OTGC Set-150x150 in HG1303 / EDGR#07


COSTIN CHIOREANU Outside the great Circle LP / DVD – ltd. edition of 300

Dark ambient, drone, post-black-metal, avantgarde

Hallow Ground and Edition Gris are proud to announce their collaboration with Romanian multitalented Artist Costin Chioreanu. OUTSIDE THE GREAT CIRCLE, WHERE PURGATORY ENDS is a spectacular multimedia
approach on both spiritual and artistic levels.
The project features musicians David Tibet (Current 93), Attila Csihar (sunn0))), Mayhem) alongside many others.


before the first word / before the first drop

when silence was absolute“


Side A

movie soundtrack

Attila Csihar – Vocals
David Tibet – Vocals
Mirai Kawashima – Keyboards, Synths
Kimmo Helen – Violin, FX
Costin Chioreanu – Guitar, FX

Side B
exhibition soundtrack, 2011
I. Absent, Abstract, Above
II. An Empire Beneath Oblivion
III. Phanthasma And The Midnight Stalker

Costin Chioreanu – Guitar, Piano, FX
Rune Eriksen – Guitar, FX, Piano, Percussion
Andrei Ionut – Bass
Tudor Diaconescu – Violin

The release comes with a DVD which includes the complete OUTSIDE THE GREAT CIRCLE movie as well.

A Hallow Ground and Edition Gris coproduction

Distributed by A-Musik and Cargo Rec.