TESTING VAULT – The Opal Sequence – Ltd. gatefold art edition of 33 copies only!

Ritual / Drone / Industrial

This work of dANi/ALvo aka Testing Vault shows that the research of that perfect “psychotropic sound” he was searching for describing his artistic and shamanic visions, never ended. The Opal Sequence provokes a state of trance that is accelerated and taken to a level of dark and thoughtful paranoia and hysteria.

The rhythm patterns mainly made with the artist’s body are convulsive and the drones become subtle and explosive at the same time. There are many different layers and nuances to discover, time after time. And after all, as the Opal itself, there is not only one color to see.

A record that sounds as a convincing mixture of the main projects that Testing Vault is influenced from different years, from Angus MacLise to Cyclobe and Coil, but, as usual, with its personal twist that makes Testing Vault standing out as one of the most personal and original acts in the electronic-postindustrial scene.

Each record comes with an individual hand drawn demon. Made by the artists with closed eyes.


A1) Afterall
A2) An Orange-Coloured Landscape
A3) Murdermudras Of Mothermothras
A4) Unconscious Monks Will Be Carried Away By Ten Thousand Marching Black Shells
A5) Is Hysteria A Rabbit?

B1) Afraid At The Vision Of The Last Light I Will See In My Life
B2) Froglyphs
B3) The Opal Sequence

Mastered by Roger Hofmann at The Rooster Company
Vinyl edition via Hallow Ground in 2015