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DRIFTMACHINE – Eis Heauton LP – Ltd. 300

Analog Electronics / Experimental / Talking Machines

Driftmachine’s real skill lies in the atmospherics and dub-like echo chambers, we’re treated to blasts, pops and crackles of synth randomness.“ Tristan Bath for The Quietus

Berlin electronic duo Driftmachine’s new release is called Eis Heauton – a Greek term for being in “a conversation with oneself”. This reference highlights the fact that Driftmachine is not composing music in a classical sense here, as they did on their debut album Nocturnes.

Instead, three of the four tracks have been developed from so-called self-generating patches: the duo of Florian Zimmer (Saroos) and Andreas Gerth (Tied & Tickled Trio) were only framing technical parameters and subsequently let their modular system talk in its very own musical language. The self-generating patches recorded here can be understood as a transcript of those machine-produced monologues, as well as artistic research By evoking a ghostly presence of modular synthesis, the duo find traces of individuality inside their machines. Eis Heauton exhibits a strange and haunting musical cosmos, a signature that is always present within Driftmachine’s live shows.


Track Listing:

Side A
Rungler Statik (08:00)
Das Trunkene Schiff (06:51)

Side B
Sunlit Reverie (06:44)
Eis Heauton (09:34)

Tape release via Umor Rex in 2015
Vinyl release via Hallow Ground in 2016

Mastering by Roger Hofmann at The Rooster Company

Distributed by A-Musik and Cargo Records