TESTING VAULT – TSALAL – Vinyl (+CD) art edition ltd. 33 copies

After “The Opal Sequence”, Testing Vault felt that album needed a brother for closing an ideal circle that was musically linked to the same images and surreal concept proposed in that album, a drone post-industrial eerie installation, resembling to various degrees Coil, Cyclobe and eastern music.
TSALAL, an ancient Hebrew word used in the Old Testament which literally means “to be or become growing dark”, and later used by Edgar Allan Poe and Thomas Ligotti in their literary works, suits perfectly what this record is about and how it sounds. Long drones of viola, voice and a shattered, brief rhythmic session above an installation of minimal loops, is a more slow and contemplating album, showing to the listener the darkest hour before a dawn which is not coming.
This time instead of a vinyl only, this limited edition also provide a pro-cdr limited for this release only, with a surrealist advice hand numbered and scribbled by Daniele Santagiuliana (the person behind the act) himself.
A recommended listening to the lovers of Terry Riley’s liquid and warm music as much as for the lovers of post-industrial that loves electro-acoustic contamination and sound shaping at its’ finest.

Track list:

Swallowing My Abyss
Eight Thousand Feet Of Hallucinations
You Were The Last In Line, Waiting In The Likeness Of A Crow
I’ll Give You Twelve Cages For Your Portrait

The Carcass Colour
Multiple Monoliths
We Are Constantly Decomposing
All Is Liquid And Remote

Vinyl/digital release via Hallow Ground 2016

Mastering by Roger Hofmann at The Rooster Company

Distributed by A-Musik