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This Is Where – This Is Where – LP

180 grams vinyl LP, incl. instant download

This Is Where is the collaborative project of Algis Kizys, Norman Westberg and Lynn Wright. Having previously released a limited edition cassette tape in 2016 under the name of ALN, their self-titled album for Hallow Ground is to be considered the three-piece’s definite studio debut as This Is Where.

Recorded and mixed by Kizys, »This Is Where« delves even deeper into the psychedelic and at times cosmic drone sound previously to be heard in the New York City-based trio’s live recordings. As a logical next step after what the SWANS guitarist Westberg has presented on recent solo albums like »The All Most Quiet« for Hallow Ground, it integrates three distinct musical visions into a whirling ocean of sound.

This Is Where’s sound is neither dominated by the thundering brutalism of SWANS – where also Kizys took over bass duties for a while – nor the gloomy Doom Pop of Wright’s Bee and Flower. Instead Kizys, Westberg and Wright use delay, reverb and effects to weave a pulsating web of sonic textures, moving effortlessly from dark depths to almost jubilant high notes. With Kizy’s roaring bass guitar as a sonic backdrop, Westberg and Wright give rise to a musical dialogue marked by density and tension.

Over the course of 40 minutes, This Is Where create a mesmerising musical experience, divided into four discrete movements. »This Is Where« is a blissful journey through space, time and most of all a yet unheard-of approach to guitar-driven Drone and Ambient music.

1) 2:2-7 (07:47)
2) 4:5 (11:15)
3) 1-6:0 (11:45)
4) 3:4-5 (07:59)

Recorded at Vinny’s Underground, Ltd. Ridgewood, NY
Recorded, mixed and photos  – Algis Kizys
Design – Greenpointless, NYC

Mastered by Roger Hofmann
Cut by SST

Released via Hallow Ground 2018
Distributed by A-Musik and Cargo Records