BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS operettAmorale 2LP – Ltd. gatefold art edition of 33 copies only!

Front: H.R. Giger print of an original drawing owned by Pierce and Massimo.
Back: Handcrafted 22 carat gold-plated Black Sun.
Inside: Prints of drawings by Florian Ayala Fauna
Inlay: Prints of drawings by Jhonn Balance dedicated to Pierce and Massimo.

Industrial / Cabaret / Avantgarde / Electronic

OperettAmorale by Black Sun Productions features Massimo & Pierce paying homage to the poetry of German poet, playwright and thinker Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956). The project features following guest musicians and artists: Coil, Lydia Lunch, H.R. Giger, Julia Kent (Antony and the Jhonsons), Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo.

Black Sun Productions/Massimo & Pierce first came to the attention of the post industrial community with the release of the Plastic Spider Thing album which was released in 2002 by legendary band Coil on Eskaton/World Serpent.

In operettAmorale Massimo & Pierce create an electro-acoustic folk-tinged dusky cabaret that brings to life the work of Bertolt Brecht through personally re-translated compositions. OperettAmorale focuses upon works by Bertolt Brecht that have direct themes relating to human sexuality, morality and prostitution.

Music lovers seeking to tap into something sensual, personal, eclectic and experimental are encouraged to embark on the voyage of operettAmorale. Like their predecessors in Coil, Black Sun Productions have once again established an unabashedly queer radical perspective and presence within the post-industrial music community, continuing the legacy of talent and spiritualized electronic psychedelia first begun three decades ago by the pioneering musicians of Coil.

Record 1

1) Brothel Tango
2) The Ballad of sexual Dependency
3) Pimp Ballad
4) Ratschläge einer älteren Fose …
5) Seeräuber-Jenny
6) Johnny over the Sea

Record 2
1) La Canzone dei Pendagli da Forca
2) A List of Wishes (by Coil)
3) Ballade von der Höllenlili
4) Über die Verführung von Engeln
5) What keeps Mankind alive?
6) Untitled

Dedicated to Jhonn Balance
Originally CD release by Divine Frequency in 2005
Remastered by Roger Hofmann at The Rooster Company
Vinyl edition via Hallow Ground in 2014